Cisco Talos (VRT) Update for Sourcefire 3D System

* Talos combines our security experts from TRAC, SecApps, and VRT teams.

Date: 2016-10-06

This SRU number: 2016-10-05-001
Previous SRU number: 2016-10-03-001

Applies to:

This SEU number: 1553
Previous SEU: 1552

Applies to:

This is the complete list of rules added in SRU 2016-10-05-001 and SEU 1553.

The format of the file is:

GID - SID - Rule Group - Rule Message - Policy State

The Policy State refers to each default Sourcefire policy, Connectivity, Balanced and Security.

The default passive policy state is the same as the Balanced policy state with the exception of alert being used instead of drop.

Note: Unless stated explicitly, the rules are for the series of products listed above.

New Rules:

High Priority
GIDSIDRule GroupRule MessagePolicy State
340287SERVER-OTHERCisco prime collaboration provisioning web framework access control bypass attemptoffdropdrop
340336FILE-PDFTRUFFLEHUNTER TALOS-CAN-0200 attack attemptoffoffdrop
340337FILE-PDFTRUFFLEHUNTER TALOS-CAN-0200 attack attemptoffoffdrop
140338MALWARE-CNCWin.Trojan.Sality variant outbound connectionoffdropdrop
140339MALWARE-CNCWin.Trojan.Cry variant outbound connectionoffdropdrop
140340MALWARE-CNCWin.Trojan.Cry variant outbound connectionoffdropdrop
140341SERVER-WEBAPPFreePBX Hotelwakeup Module ajax.php PHP code injection attemptoffoffdrop
140342SERVER-WEBAPPFreePBX Hotelwakeup Module ajax.php directory traversal attemptoffoffdrop
Medium Priority
GIDSIDRule GroupRule MessagePolicy State
340343SERVER-OTHERCisco NX-OS malformed BGP UPDATE denial of service attemptoffoffdrop
140344PROTOCOL-DNSISC BIND isc__buffer_add assertion failure denial of service attemptoffdropdrop

Updated Rules:

Updated rules can be found at this link.